Brown University, Candidate for Ph.D in Music and Multimedia Composition   

2019      Columbia University, MFA in Sound Art

2017      Berklee College of Music, BA in Electronic Production and Design, Jazz Composition

2013      Israeli Conservatory Tel-Aviv, Jazz Performance


2019      The Possibility of Sonic Portraiture- Debut Album               (Contour Editions, NY)


2019      Co-Curator, CT::SWaM ExChange                                               (Fridman Gallery, NY)

2019      Audio Engineer, Columbia Composers                                    (DiMenna Center, NY)

2018      Audio Engineer, December and March Series                       (Experimental Intermedia, NY)

2016      Intern, Scanner                                                                                  (scannerdotpublishing, UK)

Selected Performances and Exhibitions

2019      What’s a Difference?, Fourthworld Festival                              (Knockdown Center, NY)

2019      In[n/ H]er Head, The Unwellness Center                                   (Qubit Arts, NY)                 

2019      sinbeLa, Sound Progressions                                                        (Fridman Gallery, NY)

2019      Peter Pan, MFA Thesis Show                                                           (Wallach Gallery, NY)

2019      In[n/ H]er Head, CT::SWaM ExChange                                         (Fridman Gallery, NY)

2018      >19980 Collaboration with Lemon Guo                                     (MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair, NY)

2018      In[n/ H]er Head, Cube Fest                                                             (The Cube, Virginia Tech, VA)

2018      Everything Am Not, Sonic Darts                                                     (Resonance FM Radio, UK)

2017      Back, New Ideas In Music and Sound                                          (Boston, MA) 

Awards, Workshops and Residencies

2019      Composer In Residence, The Honk Tweet                                  (Newark, NJ)

2019      IRCAM Manifeste Academy                                                                (Paris, France)

2018      Spatial Music Workshop                                                                      (Virginia Tech, VA, USA)

2017      KAO Info-systems Award                                                                     (Berklee College of Music, USA)

2016      McDSP Award                                                                                          (Berklee College of Music, USA)

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